Reentry AfterCare (RAC) is a non-profit organization founded on collaborative-partnerships and whose strength comes from a large and ever-growing base of volunteers networked with existing community-based and faith-based organizations and government offices. Founded in Iowa, our reentry model is rapidly being implemented by many other states.


Reentry AfterCare is a real life example of a grass roots effort to restore public safety and the moral values of our communities. Four years ago Paul Harrison, founder and now National Director, had a vision of educating American communities to more fully understand the problems and solutions of not only reducing recidivism, but empowering returning citizens to be better citizens, neighbors and parents.

Reentry AfterCare provides a tool box of resources for enhancing already existing government, community and faith-based organizations to increase the capacity of the great work already being accomplished within the community.

Reentry AfterCare is not designed to replace or compete with any agency, we simply want to make available the training opportunities to empower communities and organizations to serve returning citizens in a safe, efficient manner utilizing already existing resources within the community. Through education and awareness in a number of settings Reentry AfterCare has been successful with increasing public safety and assisting those who make decision to have a more informed perspective of both sides of the fence and desk on the true needs of returning citizens.

Since the spring of 2006, Reentry AfterCare has held numerous trainings in many different states, as well as on the web, and we invite you to look at our testimony page to read the responses of a few of the thousands of attendees at our events. The feedback and knowledge from these events are commentaries and narratives that are empowering communities toward a societal shift of engagement. Starting with the original Reentry AfterCare team trainings, and seeing the victories and the struggles of returning citizens and communities, it became obvious that we had a lot of work to do to prepare communities for the radical change needed to break the perpetual incarceration machine of the criminal justice system. Therefore, new trainings have been added to the launch of the 2010 "Prison 2 Society" training and development schedule!

Aside from presentations and training on forming teams and building resources, we have designed several other training and development events including, “Networking 2 Change,” "Mentoring 2 Achieve", and "Tripwires 2 Milestones" designed to help form coalitions of government, faith and community-based organizations and volunteers within the community and develop effective reentry strategies.

Learn more about the services, framework models, and trainings we provide by reviewing our entire website.